NFL Player is Baptized in a Hotel Pool, Cleaned and Reborn in JESUS Name


On the hours before Thursday’s night nationally televised NFL game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Carolina Panthers. They are the members of the visiting Eagles gathered at their hotel pool. It was a relaxing swim wasn’t on the agenda.

Teammates bowed heads:

They lined up at one end of the pool’s deck. It was holding hands and bowed their heads while teammate Marcus Johnson got baptized.

He told in social media that it was the first time to get baptized. And he also told that corporate worship is a beautiful thing, cleaned and reborn in JESUS name.

The Eagles went on the beat the Panthers 28-23, improving to NFC best 5-1 record. Faith is a driving force with a number of Eagles players, primary among them is rising star quarterback Carson Wentz. He is open about sharing and declaring his faith in Christ.

Team players:

Wentz appeared to be one of the players in the photo with Johnson along with tight end offensive guard Stefen Wisniewski and the backup quarterback is Nick Foles.

Wentz appeared in two different separate devotional video series created for You Version’s bible. It is an app regarding devotion.

The Eagles already have hefty contingent players grounded in their Christian Beliefs. Which it was expanded in 2017 to the point that it is virtually become linked to the team’s core.

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