The Newest Snapdragon 845 VR Headset From Qualcomm


The Chip manufacturer, Qualcomm, has disclosed a new design of standalone headphones, Snapdragon 845. The headphones use similar engineering method of the Snapdragon 845 mobile system that the company unveiled in January this year.

The new Qualcomm headsets are as well compatible with both mobile virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). The new Snapdragon 845 succeeds Snapdragon 835 processor launched last year.

However, the new headset can display a resolution that is higher than the other headsets that are in existence. In one second, Snapdragon 845 can display a two times resolution of up to 2400 pixels.

What Separates The new Snapdragon 845 Headsets From The Rest?

One of the most uncommon things in other headsets is the eye tracking feature. Some of the headsets that are on the market today save power by blurring the edges of their screens instead of trying to know what the user’s eyes are focusing on. But, Snapdragon 845 comes fitted with four cameras, two facing on the inside and the other two facing outside. The task of the inner facing cameras is to track the movements of the users’ eyes.

The New Qualcomm Snapdragon headset also comes fixed with foveated rendering. This feature has an eye tracker that is capable of decreasing the resolution of the marginal vision areas and can as well figure out where the person using the headset is focusing. The higher the resolution, the better the performance.

The head of business and products VR at Qualcomm, Hugo Swart, said that they call Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 ‘Inside-out’ because of its computerized vision ability. A user will not need any accessory or external camera to use it.

In general, Snapdragon 845 headset’s graphics performance is 30 percent faster than the others, its power efficiency is much better compared to the current ones, and its display output is two times better than the older ones.