New Version Of Cortana Rolls Out For Android


Microsoft is rolling out a new update for its personal AI assistant Cortana on Android. Also, Microsoft is claiming this update will be a huge step forward for Cortana. Microsoft started rolling out the update on Friday and is already available worldwide. Therefore you can download the update from google play store. Microsoft is hoping that the new version will be more accessible and versatile.

Some users complained about the older complaint about the confusing interface of Cortana. Therefore the updates introduced a new settings menu and now navigation is more smooth and easy. As a result, the interface now consists of only 2 tabs. Another new feature is hands on control for reminders. It will allow you to quickly access your reminders and edit them. Though if you want to manage your reminders via voice control, you can still do that. Cortana will learn more about you and your talking style if you talk extensively to her.

To be honest the update is mostly about the reminder. Microsoft’s main focus was to make the reminder more easy to access and control. You can even pin reminders on the top right corner of Cortana. They also added hands-free calling and texting which is not new for personal assistants. Google assistant and Siri already had this for a while.

Cortana is an important part of windows 10 and was one of the main selling points of windows phone. Windows phone is now almost extinct from the smartphone market. As a result, Microsft is focusing its AI efforts more on pc and Android.

I think the update worked pretty well for improving the overall interface and made it easy to access from the smartphone. But still, I think Google assistant is a much better option for any smartphone user because it is way better than its competitors. Which one is your favourite? let us know in the comment section down below.