New Orangutan Species Found on Sumatran


A new species of orangutan has been identified in the jungles of Indonesia. It is immediately becoming the world’s most endangered ape. It is said by the researchers on Thursday.

The author of the study and the director of Sumatran Orangutan conversation programme told that it is the declaration of the great ape in all about 100 years.

Species are called Tapanuli. It lives in the Batang forest. And numbered 800 in total and making it is the most endangered ape in the world.

Scientists thought there were two types of orangutan only.

Unique species:

In 1997 the researchers discovered the great apes in Batang are an isolated population. They are commonly known as Sumatran orangutans. The researchers told that the group was a unique species.

Researchers told that the DNA, teeth and the skull of 33 apes are killed in the animal-human fight. It was before the conclusion of they had discovered new species. It was named as Pongo tapanuliensis as scientifically.

The tapanuli bears are the close resemblance to Bornean with brown colored fur. It has a mustache. Scientists say that there are three kinds of the orangutan. It is different of all about 304 million years ago.


Migrated to Asia:

The Batang orangutans appear to be direct descendants of the first orangutans. The first orangutans migrated from the Asia.

The tapanuli orangutans became an isolated population from about 20,000 years back. But it has a very tiny population. That tiny population may flood up to 8% of its habitat.

The measures of conversation need to be implemented very quickly.

Dangered species:

Orangutans reproduce slowly that might lost annually and will spiral their extinction. The population of both the species is listed endangered by the IUCN. They are the International Union for Conservative of Nature. The orangutan’s estimation of a population to be 15000 below in Borneo.


The expansion of palm oil trees is blamed for destroying the jungle. The villagers who viewed them as pests have been attacked and targeted by the poachers who are to be sold.

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