Netflix Suspends Kevin Spacey From House of Cards


After Netflix and Media Rights Capital suspended the production of House of Cards two days ago due to sexual assault allegations on Kevin Spacey, now the production has ejected the star out of the TV series altogether.

Although MRC did not officially fire the actor, it is evident that suspension is the first move towards formal termination. The production made the big announcement on Friday evening following the mounting allegations on Spacey.

At the same time, Netflix has also announced that it would not move forward with any production involving Kevin Spacey. That includes all unaired scenes of House of Cards and the upcoming Vidal biopic, Gore, in which the two-time Oscar award winner was meant to star.

The Show Will Go On

A Netflix spokesperson, however, announced that despite parting ways with Spacey, the two houses, Netflix, and MRC would continue to work together during this break to evaluate and plan the route forward for the show.

The MRC said in a statement that they were suspending Kevin Spacey for them to conduct effective investigations on the actor about his past sexual assault allegations. Just like Netflix, MRC also said that they would continue to work together to find a creative way out of the crisis during the break.

All the crisis erupted when Buzzfeed published a report accusing the former House of Cards star of making sexual moves towards the then 14-year-old Anthony Rapp. The allegations led to the indefinite suspension of the House of Cards production.

CAA and a long time Spacey’s publicist, Staci Wolfe parted ways with the star on Thursday. The actor is also under investigation by the Scotland Yard over sexual assault allegation against a male actor in Britain.

The actor claims to have woken up to Kevin Spacey having sex with him in 2008.

The House of Cards star, who was also an executive producer of the show is now seeking a “self-evaluation and treatment.” His role as Francis Underwood in the HoC has earned him five Emmy nominations in the category of best actors. Spacey also won the Golden Globe award for best TV drama actor in in 2015.