Netflix Suspends House of Cards Production Indefinitely Following Kevin Spacey Sexual Harassment Allegations

House Of Cards

Netflix and MRC have suspended their Washington DC set drama series House of Cards until further notice due to one of their cast members, Kevin Spacey being at the center of sexual harassment crisis. The two companies told their crew and members that they needed time to review the current situation and address any of their members’ concerns.

In less than 24 hours, Netflix had announced that HoC would end with the upcoming season six. At the same time, Kevin Spacey is alleged to have made sexual moves to the then 14 years old Anthony Rapp.

Netflix and MRC crew was at work in Baltimore, shooting the sixth season of HoC when the officials arrived to meet with their cast and crew members “to ensure they continued to feel safe and supported” due to Spacey’s allegations. The star was not on the schedule to appear on the Monday set.

The executives expressed their grave concerns and said that they were deeply troubled by the Sunday news concerning Kevin Spacey.

The stop might negatively affect the Netflix’s plans to debut the sixth season which was set to comprise of 13 episodes by mid next year. Two weeks ago, the HoC production was interrupted by a mass shooting a mile away from Baltimore. The production didn’t stop anyway.

Spacey has played a career-defining role in House of Cards. He plays the ex-president, Francis Underwood, a manipulative and murderous being, a character that has received praises from all the House of Cards fans and beyond.

The fifth season of the show ended with Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) resigning in disgrace while his wife, Clare Hale Underwood, played by Robin Wright becoming America’s first female POTUS.

The season five ended with a lot of unanswered questions that we hoped would be answered in season six. The problem now is when will season six return.