Netflix Enables HDR Streaming On Windows 10

Netflix, HDR, Windows 10

Its Christmas come early for Netflix lovers using Windows 10, as they can now enjoy HDR streaming on their devices. For a while, the service has been enabled for Xbox one users only. Netflix announced the news adding that Microsoft edge browser will also support the High Dynamic Range service.

For PC users, the hardware requirements are that you must have 7th generation Intel or higher processor, Nvidia 1050 GPU or higher, or any Intel integrated GPU. The update does not support CPUs and, or Advanced Micro GPUs yet.

Netflix says that the HDR update is a long time collaboration with various companies that made it possible. The entertainment company said that now any Netflix member with a premium subscription and HDR supported device can enjoy the many Netflix original films (that support HDR streaming) including the upcoming Will Smith’s Blockbuster, Bright.

Apart from having Intel’s 7th generation processor, users will also need to update windows 10 to the latest Microsoft Fall Creators, which has the required bits for HDR to function properly.

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The High Dynamic Range update, which came shortly after Netflix enabled HDR streaming on iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8, is a large boost to Windows 10 users.

Many games do not support HDR playing on computers, even on gaming monitors that are HDR enabled. Dell introduced their very first High Dynamic Range computer earlier this year, LG will launch theirs in CES early next year.

Netflix says that many tech companies will introduce new HDR enabled monitors throughout 2018 and hopes that many Netflix users will enjoy watching their originals films through those machines.

netflix, hdr, windows 10
Netflix original blockbuster

High Dynamic Range is regarded as a significant leap in picture quality advancement; even better than 4k. Whether you’re using Dolby Vision or HDR10, your images will be displayed with high-quality levels of contrast. The service will improve imaging details across any given scene.