Are You Nervous About Your Dying Phone Battery? ‘Die With Me’ Is Your Answer


A fully charged phone’s battery gives you a calming feeling since you won’t need to worry about things going wrong. But in case your battery is dying, and you still want to chat, then you need Die With Me.

Die With Me, is a chat app available for both iOS and Android smartphones. The creation of the app is purposely to ease the user’s anxiety of the dying phone.

The app monitors your phone’s battery percentage, and when the power reaches a certain point, Die With Me allows you to access the chat room.

Die With Me asks you to create a username of your choice as identification of joining the chat room. When in the room, you can see other people’s phone battery percentages as they see yours too.

At or below five percent, the app prompts you to join the chat room. However, the chat room consists of only mobile phone users with battery power below five percent.

Will You Stay In The Chat Room After Charging Your Phone?

In case you find a place to boost your battery, you will still have access to the chat room. But, the moment your battery hits five percent, the app automatically exits you from the chat room with a notice to remind you of the battery’s percentage to access the room.

Die With Me is an excellent app for those who love to bond with strangers. If your phone is about to die and you want to avoid the boredom as your wait for the battery to hit one percent and the screen to go black, the app can link you up with some strangers around the world.

However, the users of the app may experience some funny behaviors like constant breakdowns; this is because the app is still under development and has not fully started operating.