NASA Celebrates The 40th Anniversary Of Voyager 1 & 2 By Giving Away Free Posters


Today marks the 40th anniversary of Voyager 1 & 2 spacecraft. This day is very important for space exploration. Therefore to celebrate this legendary day NASA is giving away some cool posters for free.


Voyager 1 left Earth on 5th September 1977 and Voyager 2 left Earth 15 days after. The mission was to study the gas giants of our solar system. The mission was successful and scientists extended the mission. Therefore they had to remotely add new programs to Voyager. As a result of that extended mission, Voyager had explored all the Gas giants of our solar system and their 48 Moons. They recorded numerous scientific facts which are shaping our space exploration today.


PBS released a documentary to celebrate the 40th anniversary. The documentary is called The Farthest: Voyager in space Lets see what they want to say.

Here’s the networks write-up on this event.

The twin spacecraft—each with less computing power than a cell phone—used slingshot trajectories to visit Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. They sent back unprecedented images and data that revolutionized our understanding of the spectacular outer planets and their many peculiar moons.

Still going strong four decades after launch, each spacecraft carries an iconic golden record with greetings, music and images from Earth—a gift for any aliens that might one day find it. Voyager 1, which left our solar system and ushered humanity into the interstellar age in 2012, is the farthest-flung object humans have ever created. A billion years from now, when our sun has flamed out and burned Earth to a cinder, the Voyagers and their golden records will still be sailing on—perhaps the only remaining evidence that humanity ever existed.


NASA is celebrating this event by making some free downloadable posters for all of us. The posters look beautiful and no doubt this more than we ever wanted. You can download the posters here.