Nakefit helps you to walk easier in wet and slippy area


A beach is a favorite place for people to vacation. Everybody really like to enjoy the sunset or sunbathing. In addition, they also love to swim on the sea. Many people walk to the beach barefoot. This can make their feet feel sore or even easily injured if stepped on something. For example, if they walk on the rock, they will feel the scratch of a rock on the soles of their feet. Then, do they have to wear flip-flops to go to the beach and get around the beach? The answer is no. This is because the flip-flops are less effective. Flip-flops are also quite thick and easily detached if we walk in a fairly slippery area. So what is the solution? The solution is with Nakefit.

What is Nakefit?

Nakefit is an hypoallergenic sticker that can be applied to the foot. This sticker is very strong on the feet and not easily separated. Nakefit is designed by Italian designers and its products as part of KickStarter. Some advantages Nakefit include waterproof, anti-cutting, comfortable, anti-slip, easy off, easy on, elastic, resistant and also protective. This product isn’t harming animal, environment or people. How to use this product is very easy that is only taped to the surface of the foot. Then, this Nakefit will stick strongly to your feet. You do not have to feel afraid anymore to walk on sand, coral or slippery areas like swimming pool. Nakefit also can be used at spa. Nakefit is perfect for you at all ages for kids, teens, and adults.


How Can I Buy Nakefit?

If you are interested to buy Nakefit, now you can order it first or with preorder system. You can order it by selecting some available colors such as black, pink and light blue. The price is relatively cheap and affordable. You can buy from