NAB Introduces Voice-Activated Banking Assistant From Alexa


The National Australian Bank (NAB) recently introduced new and amazing skills to their customers. Therefore, NAB customers who also own Alexa enabled devices can simply request for their bank account balance and deposit reports via voice command.

NAB customers can link their bank account to any Alexa enabled device. After linking, they can quickly get the answers to their questions.  Customers can use natural conversational language to engage the Amazon Alexa device for answers.

Other Services Alexa Voice-Activated Banking Assistant Can Do

Apart from answering questions like; “Did I get paid this week?” or “What is my account balance?” Amazon Alexa voice-activated banking assistant can transfer funds from one account to the other and purchase goods as well.

Jonathan Davey, the National Australian Bank’s Executive General Manager, said that the new cloud-based voice service from Amazon is bringing a fresh and high dimension to the banking sector.

Moreover, Mr. Davey also said that it is the bank’s management work to make banking services simple, secure and easy for the customers. He added that they are continuously exploring the latest technologies to provide easy and time convenient channels for the customers.

The Amazon Alexa device skill allows NAB customers the convenience to manage their funds. Also, it provides a secure connection between the customers’ mobile banking account and the device.

NAB is the first Australian bank to instigate a Google Assistant App.  The app helps customers to ask standard questions like how to replace a lost card or how to reset the password. And now, Amazon Alexa hands-free device marks the first step NAB has taken in providing formal information to customers.

This banking Assistant voice service is accessible on Amazon Echo and other Amazon voice-enabled devices. However, for the NAB customers to activate the voice-activated banking assistant skill, they can simply say, “Alexa, Enable NAB skill.”

The NAB skill can be set up via the Alexa app on any Alexa enabled device. The setup provides steps on how to link the Alexa device to the NAB account through a NAB mobile banking app.