NAACP Directs Black Americans to Avoid Flying American Airlines


An American civil rights organization, NAACP issued a travel advisory on Tuesday advising black travelers to avoid flying one of the United States largest airlines, the American Airlines.

In the travel advisory, the civil right organization accused the airline of a series of disturbing occurrences. NAACP warned travelers, and primarily African-American to be cautious when flying the airline in question… “American Airlines could subject them to disrespectful, discriminatory or unsafe conditions.”

The Communications vice president, Aba Blankson stated that the advisory is the second that NAACP has released. American airline was accused of four incidences of discriminatory treatment in a duration of one and half years.

According to Blankson, the advisory is indefinite, and it could only be reconsidered after the two parties meet and discuss. American Airlines responded to the claims by sending a formal invitation to the NAACP officials to their Texas headquarters.

The American Airlines CEO Doug Parker expressed his disappointment in the advisory claiming that the courier does not tolerate any form of discrimination to its valued customers.

Talking to news reporters, the American airlines said that their diverse community of team members including pilots, gate agents, and flight attendants are overly happy to serve travelers from different backgrounds.

The statement also stated that the American Airlines had requested NAACP officials to meet with the Couriers representatives at their headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas for a meaningful discussion. The civil rights organization appointed new president just three days ago.