You Might Want to Save Your Favorite Storify Stories Because the Service is Shutting Down In May 2018


After a series of acquisitions from Livefyre in 2013 to Adobe in 2016, Storify is finally coming to its ultimate closure. If you asked an expert, they’d tell that the shutdown is not a surprise. The service’s eventual shutdown had been a long time approaching.

Storify announced on their official website today that their users will no longer enjoy the standalone service as from next year.

The process is going to happen in series before it eventually closes down. The company started the process today by closing down the sign-up window. The “create new story” ability will follow in line. Which will disable on the first day of May, next year.

The eventual closure will take place two weeks later, on 16th May. The close down will affect everything related to Storify, including all your favorite stories. About that, the company is advising all its existing users to save their stories. The export feature on the service enables users to download their stories locally.

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Storify is a service that enabled users to put together stories from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter into one embedded package. In its early days, after its official launch, media journalists could use the service to integrate various social media posts; it made their work simpler.

You can relate what Storify does to Twitter moments. Except for that Moments curates stories from twitter only.

For those who can’t live without Storify, the service will apparently live on, but in another form. Storify 2 will be available under the Livefyre umbrella. However, the service will only be available to users who purchase the Livefyre license.

Adobe says that after the Livefyre acquisition in March last year, the company has been working to integrate the service with Adobe Experience Cloud. As from May next year, as an Adobe spokesperson told TechCrunch, the Livefyre will no longer fit in the new strategy.

Companies closing down services is not a new thing. Whatever you feel about this one, it’d be better for you if you started saving your favorites locally while the download speed is still reliable.