You Might Want To Quit Your Job After Knowing The Salary Of Mukesh Ambani’s Driver


Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani, he is the chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd. He is also among the top 50 richest people around the world. His house Antila is the most expensive house in the world. The net worth of Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani is around 38 billion dollar. Therefore you can guess his expenses. He has more than 500 cars and also owns a private helicopter.

He also dominates the Indian hearts because of his Reliance Jio communication service. It has changed the state of internet around India in just six months. Jio gave free internet and voice call’s for six months without any bill. Now his driver is also hailing storms on the internet.

Recently a video surfaced on the internet talking about the driver recruitment process for Ambani. The video talks about the number of hard tests a driver has to pass in order to get a job at Ambani house.

Do you wanna know the actual salary of Mukesh Ambani’s driver? Well it’s over $3070 (Rs. 2,00,000). Surprised? don’t think he is an ordinary driver. Ambani doesn’t handle the recruiting process personally. He gives this work to private farms which train some of the best drivers. They had to appear in multiple tests before even getting any high profile job. They are examined under various situations to challenge their skills.


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