Microsoft To Take On Chromebooks With Cheap Windows 10 Laptops For Schools


Although Google Chrome’s Operating System rules in the United States in matters to do with education, Microsoft also has decided to be part of this. The company has revealed the introduction of Windows 10 and Windows 10s laptops for teachers and students.

Reports show that the software giant is partnering with other companies like BBC, LEGO, NASA, Pearson, Lenovo, PBS, and JP. The partnership aims at penetrating schools, bringing new and cheap PCs with Mixed Reality and Video circular to schools.

Microsoft announced the launch of the PC at the London’s annual Bett education show. Lenovo’s 100E laptops with either Windows 10 or Windows 10s, fitted with Celeron Apollo Lake processors from Intel, each will cost between $189 and $300. Another laptop from Lenovo is a 300E, the two-in-one machine that comes with pen support. The 300E will cost consumers only $279.

What Does Microsoft Have For Teachers?

For the teachers, the company plans to release a new Chemistry update for Minecraft Education Edition. The update will focus primarily on experimentation like compound building and, or tackling stable isotopes. Everyone using Minecraft Education Edition will have access to the updates free of charge.

Anthony Salcito, Microsoft’s Worldwide Education Vice President, said that the new Windows devices offer a variety of tools and more room for both students and teachers to use. Also, the software will have a voice command that will enable students to write a paper using their voices.

Furthermore, the company also plans to update Word for other machines like Mac, iPad or Mac’s OneNote, and Outlook Desktops.

The world’s leading Education Company, Pearson, in conjunction with Microsoft will in March start distributing a new curriculum to schools, which will work on Mixed Reality headsets and HoLoLens.

According to Microsoft, its Windows-based laptop is not only cheap but far better as compared to a Chromebook. The reason behind this being, Windows 10 allows users to run a full version of Minecraft and Microsoft Office software and the likes.