Microsoft has terminated support for its Windows 8 smartphone. This is because Microsoft is focusing on other segments, it’s about mobile strategy. Windows mobile users have failed against competitors from Google Android and Apple. They were invited to upgrade the latest Windows 10 after Microsoft officially stopped supporting the previous version on Wednesday. However, Microsoft now concentrating on business services, cloud computing, and augmented reality will remain part of the landscape of mobile applications, digital assistants, and other offers.

Death of Windows 8 in Smartphone

It is the death of Windows 8 on the smartphone and it is not the death of Microsoft’s offerings in mobility. Microsoft is very active in mobility, but Microsoft is not active on the smartphone. In May, Microsoft launched an upcoming Windows update. It aims to keep desktop computers and laptops at the heart of the lifestyle becoming increasingly dependent on smartphones. The enhancements to this operating system will be launched later in the year. The operating system is designed to create an application built on top of Microsoft technology. So Microsoft will work more harmoniously on various devices related to the internet.

Redirection to Windows 10 Update

Updates in Windows 10 can let people abandon what they do on one device be it a Windows, Apple or Android machine. One of the main additions to Windows 10 is that Windows 10 will be able to integrate with multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets and virtual or additional reality equipment. Microsoft is firmly yet to give up on the mobile market. But in the meantime, they update Windows to remain relevant in the smartphone-centric world. Microsoft is aggressively creating a mixed reality technology platform and additional HoloLens reality tools, built by Windows 10 to support. Microsoft also has an edge on enlarged reality hardware, which may take 10 years to last. But it can make the phone less important for people.