Microsoft Mixed VR Could be the Future of Virtual Reality

virtual reality

With Microsoft’s plan to introduce a slick design low price VR headsets, the whole world of Virtual Reality may just have found a savior. It is an excellent idea, and if it succeeds, it will have put all the Virtual Reality problems to eternal rest.

Reduced Prices

Microsoft will have the upper hand in selling its new mixed Virtual Reality headsets due to its reduced costs. The mixed VR headsets will be way cheaper compared to the competing top notch VR headsets like FB oculus rift and HTC vive. Facebook (FB) Oculus Rift’s market price is $499 – though it is available at $399 at the moment, for a limited time. The vive goes at $599. Microsoft says their headsets will be offered at a starting price of $399.

The FB oculus rift and vive have significantly reduced their rates since their introduction. The Oculus rift launched at $599 with an additional $280 for wireless motion controllers and a camera. The Vive started at $800. Sony’s VR play station launch price was $399, not forgetting that you needed an additional camera and a pair of wireless motion controllers at $60 and $100 respectively.

Other than the reduced prices, the Microsoft mixed VR will be compatible with many laptops and desktop computers. However, there still will be a limitation in the number of games you can play. For example, if you are using a PC with integrated graphics, you won’t be able to play the latest games.

Microsoft is looking to simplify its VR kit by reducing the many wires connecting the different parts of the package; headset wires, camera cables, and the power cord. The improvement will be a big plus for the Microsoft mixed VR headset and a negative for its competitors. Don’t get the wrong idea; the kit still has wire linking it to your PC.

Microsoft says that the mixed VR kit will be available for sale before the holiday shopping season.