Microsoft Customers Will Now Purchase Surface Laptops With Windows 10 Pro Already Installed


In May 2017, Microsoft introduced Windows 10S version aimed at commercial consumers. But customers have bought a very limited number of laptops with Windows 10S. This led to the introduction of Commercial Microsoft Surface Laptops that comes with Windows 10 Pro already installed.

The option for customers to purchase the laptop installed with Windows Pro is currently available in the US. The Commercial Microsoft Surface Laptops with Windows 10 Pro costs $1,199. This is $200 more than the Surface laptops with Windows 10S version.

The commercial form of the Surface laptops also starts with a $200 increase on accounts of the laptops with 8GB of memory compared to 4GB of customer review model. At this point, there is an installation cost of only $200 for Windows 10 Pro.

The disadvantage of Windows 10S version is; it only allows installation of apps from the Microsoft App Store. Whereas, Windows 10 Pro allows the user to install apps from any sources available.

Therefore, if you need an 8GB of memory on a standard Windows Surface laptop, with Windows 10S, you must give $1,299 for this and 256GB capacity.

Microsoft hasn’t included any new plans to offer Windows 10 Pro on the first Surface laptops. However, clients can in many cases get free moves up to Windows Pro until the end of March 2018. Regardless of whether Microsoft will offer a complete choice to general purchasers afterward, or simply direct them towards this new model is still unclear.

It appears that Microsoft is creating an impression of engaging business people that need the flexibility and adaptability of full-fat Windows 10. This is because there seems to be no difference between Windows 10S and Windows Pro versions apart from the pre-installed Windows 10 Pro Operating System.

Moreover, if you want a perfect look and free upgrade of your Surface Laptop with a full Windows 10 experience, you better do it as early as now before the 31st of March.