You May Soon Know Who Has Taken Screenshots Of Your Stories ON Instagram


The Facebook-owned company, Instagram is currently testing a new feature lifted from Snapchat. The function will warn you for screen-shooting or screen recording someone’s stories. And in case someone screenshots your stories, there is an icon that will show you as well. The feature is not available for all users yet since the company is trying to weigh the few selected user’s responses.

A star-shaped icon appears next to the culprit’s account with a pop-up warning from Instagram. The pop-up warning message titled Screenshots in Stories reads; “The next time you take a screenshot, the owner of the story will be able to see it.” However, the story owners cannot receive the alert message of who has taken the screenshots or screen records unless they check manually.

Below your handset’s screen on the left side, there is a ‘Seen by’ icon that enables you to see who has watched your uploaded stories. The Same icon also shows who has taken the screenshots of your sotries.

How Can You Take A Screenshot Or Screen Record without Instagram Detecting You?

For Instagram’s new feature not to identify you, you can switch your mobile phone to flight mode and take the screenshots or the screen recording. Or rather, you can use your desktop or web browser to view the stories and take the shots.

In 2016, Instagram developed a new few similar to this. The feature alerts you in case someone takes a screenshot of your inbox messages.

This screenshot feature was first introduced on Snapchat, reports show that many people dumped Snapchat for Instagram because they wanted to take screenshots freely without any monitoring feature. So, the company is still testing the feature while taking in people’s views. Therefore, it will decide whether to run the feature on all users globally or change how it operates to fit users.