Mark Whalberg is the Highest Paid Actor in Hollywood


Forbes has announced Mark Whalberg as number in the highest paid actor in Hollywood. The “Daddy’s home” star made 68 million dollars in the last year. The big paycheck came from “Transformers: The Last Knight” and the ‘coming soon’ “Daddy’s home 2.”

The actor replaced Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the highest paid actor. Despite The Rock making 50 million dollars more than he made in 2016, he could still not maintain his position as the actor with the largest paycheck. Johnson’s income from the clean work in “Baywatch, his HBO TV series Ballers and the yet to be released “Jumanji” reboot.

Also on the Forbes list of the highest paid actors in Vin Diesel. The Dwayne Johnson’s co-star in the “Fate of the Furious” blockbuster made 54.5 million dollars. Thanks to the lucrative deal with Netflix, Adam Sandler comes next on the list with a paycheck of 50.5 million dollars. Jackie Chan made 49 million dollars.

Chris Hemsworth made the biggest increment in his earnings, with over 250 % of his previous year. The rise proves that playing in super hero movies will take you straight to the top. Chris Hemsworth’s big pay day came from his character as Thor in Marvels cinematic universe.

There were some new comers in the top 20 highest paid actors list of 2017.  Some of these new comers include Jeremy Renner, Ryan Reynolds, and Mark Ruffalo. The Forbes did not state where Reynolds’s big salary came from; however, we can assume that it is the “Deadpool” franchise. Renner and Ruffalo got their spot lights from marvel.

The world’s top 20 paid actor summed up a total of 720 million dollars in one year. From 1st  June 2016 to 1st  June 2017. The data came from IMDB, ComScore, Nielsen, Box Office Mojo and interviews with industry insiders.

Among the top 20 highest paid actors three are Indians: Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, and Akshay Kumar.  These three are not just in the top 20, but the top 10.