Malcolm, Guitarist and Co-Founder of AC/DC Dies at 64


One of the co-founding members of AC/DC died on Saturday. It is the best- selling bands in the music history. Songwriter and the Guitarist named Malcolm Young was just 64 years old. Malcolm’s family announced his death in a report which notes he had suffered from dementia for several years.

Rested peacefully with family:

The place of the death was not shared. They thought statement mentioned that he had passed away peacefully with his family members by his bedside.

AC/DC on April 2014 stated that Malcolm would be taking a break from the music band due to ill health. But without disclosing the nature of the illness, but in the month of September 2014, the band revealed that he had dementia. While recording, Malcolm’s nephew is replaced in his place.

First show stage:

The first show of AC/DC’s was staged at Bondi Beach nightclub in the event of New Year in 1973.  Within three years, AC/DC became one of the Australia’s top acts with his two albums.

The band continued to gain everything from the audience and maintained speed with the other album Highway to Hell. It is sold more than a million copies in the world.

Last look at the band:

Malcolm’s last appearance with his music band was in 2010 in Spain. There had been the signs of his brother’s deteriorating condition for six years at least. Even before 2008, an album named Black Ice was made and Malcolm was having problems at that time with his memory and the concentration.

So, he was not able to memorize the tune or the lyrics. But he is able to know what he is doing and what he wanted to do actually.

Malcolm was a confident guy and he made the work and made the others do. His loyalty to the fans was incomparable.


Angus Young shared a letter on the AC/DC website that read in part: he stuck to his guns. He said exactly what he wanted to. He took the pride in all that of his efforts.

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