Major Safety issue with One Plus 5, the phone won’t call 911!

By Domdomegg (Own work) [CC BY 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

One plus 5 launched last month with an intensive publicity, but users quickly discovered that the device had some grave issues of concern especially when emergency numbers come into question. Till now, at least three users have claimed that the handset would reboot when they call 911.

The problem was first encountered by a Redditor, Nick Morrelli and was later reported by Next Web. Nick Morrelli has also shared a short video on his Facebook page regarding this bug, which causes the phone to restart anytime you call 911. Some of the UK users also encountered the same issues. This sort of indicates that the bug isn’t just affecting the 911 phone number itself, but any other emergency line.

Recently it’s been theorized that the bug may have been triggered by the One Plus 5’s GPS. This issue is truly worrisome and can endanger users who need emergency services. Now, users are being advised to test thoroughly the device regarding this bug because some users are saying that the fault isn’t occurring to them at all.

One Plus has noticed this bug and mentioned it’s investigating the problem. Some issues noticed earlier are in the Jelly Scrolling Effect and Videos Recorded in Landscape Play Audio in Wrong Channels

From the Jelly Scrolling issue, users found that the phone produces a nasty effect on the device display and content while scrolling. The phone’s screen appears unsteady, wobbling like jelly. The company responded that the jelly-like effect is “natural” and that “there’s no variance in screens between devices.”

The second issue is that videos recorded in the landscape are playing audio on the wrong channel. However, what happens is any sounds which occur on the right side of the screen are played instead in your left ear, and sounds on the left are played in the right ear, so when you play a video, you’ll get inverted audio.

One Plus is expected to investigate all these issues thoroughly and fix the bugs in an upcoming update. The company just hopes that this won’t kill the demand for the elegant phone.
Image By Domdomegg (Own work) [CC BY 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons