Lyft Staffers Spy On Passengers


Lyft is investigating allegations that some of its staff members are abusing customers’ privacy by spying on some of their personal information like contacts. A former Lyft employee disclosed the information. The former worker cited that the company’s back-end allows the workers to see the clients’ information including pickup/drop-off points and times and even the feedback given.

After confirming receipt of the information on Thursday, the ride-hailing spokesperson said that they are conducting an investigation on the matter. And, if found true, according to Lyft’s rules and regulations, this may lead to termination. The spokesperson said that one of the company’s policies to maintain trust between the drivers and passengers.

The source of this information confirmed having looked at a friend’s riding information and the driver’s feedback to the rider. The source added that a back-end software operator warned them against searching for one person too many times since this could lead to suspicion.

Lyft Versus Uber

Uber found itself in a scandal similar to this back in 2014. Uber used a tool called “God View” that allowed the staff members to view and analyze the riders’ details. Reports show that this same God View system enabled an Uber driver to locate a BuzzFeed reporter because she was minutes late. But in 2016, the State of New York settled the matter with Uber at a fine of $20,000.

However, in 2017, reports emerged again that Uber staff members misused a system called “Heaven View”. The company likely used this software to track the moves of Lyft drivers, something that led to FBI’s intervention.

Claims show that Lyft workers could be using the backend software to stalk clients they found attractive or even monitor the movements of their ex-lovers. These employees who have access to the software can as well see the drivers’ ratings from bad to good, or even collect celebrities’ mobile numbers. “I’ve heard an employee brag about having Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s phone number,” the former Lyft employee said.

However, Lyft spokesperson said that only the representatives who requested access to the clients’ information to carry out their work received a permit.