The Luxury Smartphone Maker Will Collapses After Having Debts Of £ 128 Million


Vertu is a luxury smartphone maker. The British company is famous for its luxuriously gem-plated Android mobile phone and costs around £ 39,100. Vertu was bought in March by a Turkish businessman named Murat Hakan Uzan. Now, He failed to save the company. Now he will retain ownership of the brand, technology license, and also design. Currently, Vertu has debts of £ 128 million and this makes Vertu eventually collapsed.

The Quality of Vertu Smartphones

Vertu’s Android phone has a very luxurious design. The mobile phone is jewel-lined and the Vertu handset is made from a hand-stitched sapphire leather coat and sapphire. This is a luxurious and custom made phone. In addition to Vertu, Apple has also used sapphire for the iPhone screen but it is very difficult and the price is also too expensive. Each Vertu phone is written with the signature of the person who collects it and is sent with a concierge service that serves 24 hours a week. This service can be used by customers to access exclusive features. Vertu also makes phones with very low volume and the price is very expensive. In addition, Vertu is also facing tough competition from other companies offering to modify existing handsets with gems and precious metals. That’s why Vertu collapses and have millions of debts.

The Consequence of Collapsed Vertu Company

The colapses of Vertu Company had a negative impact on its staff. According to a report by the BBC, up to 200 staff will lose their jobs due to the company’s liquidation. If that happens then they are not paid anymore. It is not easy for the Vertu staff to accept it. Moreover they are not paid for this. At least Vertu can provide severance pay to the staff.