Louis Vuitton Stranger Things Fashion


Louis Vuitton is a fashion company and luxurious retail company founded in 1854. This fashion company accepted upside down today when brand presented a stranger things poster on the outfits. It is the collection of 2018 at Paris Fashion Week.

The top wear is a classic look with black oversized t-shirt shows new posters for season 2. It was fashioned after iconic 70’s and 80’s movie posters.

Stranger things fashion boys:

On the fashion show, the show is leading the set of four boys. Those are Will (Noah Schnapps), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo).

Youthful outfits:

The piece is including the chain details at the neckline. It is marked the graphic tee in the entire show. The director of this Vuitton is Nicolas Ghesquiere. His way is of injecting the fantasy and youth to be attracted. Ghesquiere is a very big fan of Stranger things.

However, the Vuitton is not the one who crossed the paths with the strange things. Three stars from a show last year McLaughlin, Matarazzo and Millie Bobby Brown also crossed. They took the tour to the Paris headquarters before the Fashion Week.

These posters became popular in all the social media websites.

We can have a feeling on the designer that will bring the sci-fi hit in the show.

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