Lost Voice Guy is the Popular Stand-up Comedian Now


Stand-up is a simple business. It is just a man or woman with a microphone and something funny to say. Lee Ridley has both the things but he doesn’t speak.

Ridley has a cerebral palsy so he cannot talk. At comedy shows, he always delivers his jokes via a text to speech app on his iPad.

Lost Voice Guy:

He is the person who performs the comedy shows at Lost Voice Guy. He told when he heard that he can’t talk anymore, he was speechless. He used to wait for the laughs to die down and then taps the screen again.

He first started in a disabled Steps tribute land. They were called as Ramps. It might not look like general stand-up but it is funny.

Ridley is a 33- year old. He is diagnosed when he was six months old. He works in communications at Sunderland City Council as a Journalism Graduate.

First show:

He did his first show in 2012 in New Castle. At that time he went to see his favorite comedian Rose Noble. This pair met each other and got the impressions of Stephen Hawking. Then Ridley told that his friend suggested him that the comedy is good.

He doesn’t know how it is going to work but he tried it. He searched for the clearer voice on his iPad and booked a show at his friend’s local club. He used to say in different languages to say jokes to his friends. So he used to be called as the Lost Voice Guy.

He is the first person to use communication aid for telling jokes in a stand-up show. It is his unique presence in the show.

BBC Radio Comedy Show:

He entered in BBC Radio New Comedy Award beating 750 entrants. The winner is decided in the comedy store.it will be broadcast on Radio 2. The prize is going to be 1000 British pounds and get a chance at a BBC Commission. If Ridley wins the show, then the Radio would be silent without a voice.

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