Lopez was Booed off at Gala Charity for making Jokes on Trump


Comedian George Lopez was booed off at the charity named gala in Denver last week. It has happened after the crowd reacted negatively to his criticisms of Trump. This was reported on Saturday.


This incident took place on October 7th at Denver’s Carousel Ball. It was hosting a fundraiser to benefit those suffering from juvenile diabetes.

One of the event’s largest donors is Liberty Media CEO, Greg Maffei. He was sitting in the front row and was asked Lopez to stop the anti-trump jokes. Maffei is also one of the Trump’s biggest supporters.

Stop jokes on Trump:

Lopez was asked nicely to stop making the jokes on Trump by a man in the front row who donated $250K. George doesn’t continue. He got booed.

Fund raised:

Fundraiser paid between $5000 and $100,000 to help the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes.

Lopez responded that thank you for changing opinion on an old white man, but it didn’t change the way to feel about orange men.

Lopez also reportedly told a joke about Trump’ proposed border wall. He told that he can get some Mexicans to do it cheaper and wouldn’t crush the tunnels underneath.

When the audience expressed disapproval, Lopez asked are you el Chapo people.

El Chapo is given to the nickname if Joaquin Guzman, a drug lord who was known for escaping from prison using underground tunnels.

After Lopez spoke to introduce a video segment, he didn’t return to the stage. The rest of the gala was hosted by a Local Denver television newscaster.

Didn’t return on stage again:

A source of Lopez told that the comedian was asked not to return hosting. The former star of the Sitcom George Lopez was only supposed to be for four minutes.

The event is included a performance by rock star Lenny Kravitz. He raised $1.65 million.

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