Looking to Buy an Android Wear? You Won’t Find It on Google Play Store


Google has pulled all android wear watches out of its play store. The report was issued by Google’s android wear guru, Hoi Lam, who said that the decision was reached due to policy alterations by the company. This doesn’t imply that you won’t be able to buy an android wear if you needed one, it means that Google play store is not selling any product that isn’t their own. Unfortunately, they have no android wear of their own.

Hoi Lam said that Google is still committed to avail android wear to more people worldwide, not through their store, but through third-party suppliers. Google is going to use other android wear online outlets like Amazon and eBay to bring the product to more customers.

If you enter the Google Play store today, you’ll only find Google phones, Tablets, Laptops, Virtual Reality, Google Home, and other Google accessories.

As many companies have produced smartwatches, Google has shown beyond doubt that they are not interested in a share of the Android wear technology. The company launched many new products including smartphones and a new laptop during the October Launch event, but they didn’t say anything about an android wear.

Google has sold millions of smartwatches made by other companies previously through the Google Play store despite the fact that they have never designed any of their own.

Google proved that they are okay with leaving the Android wear technology to other smartwatch producing companies when they pulled out all the others and never replaced them with theirs.