London’s Clock Tower’s Bell, Big Ben to be Silenced for 4 years


Have you seen the big famous clock tower in London? Yes That ionic landmark that is also knows as Elizabeth Tower. Tha famous tower is a tourist attraction in London. There is news about it’s bell, Big Ben to be Silenced is floating the world

Big Ben to be Silenced for 4 Years

According to NBC news, The famous Big Ben is set to silenced today that is 21 August 2017. The main reason for the silence is repairing of the clock. It will be silenced for four years. The Elizabeth tower is 315 feet high and and the bell Big Ben inside is 16 ton heavy. Due to repaid and maintenance the bell is said to be silenced

Big Ben was last renovated 30 years ago and in need it again. While the clock is running the renovation cant take place.

The People of England off course are not happy by the decision. The dongs of the Big Ben was part of daily lives of the people living there. The duration of 4 years do seem like a heavy time period. The people that are used to hear it’s dongs daily now must wait for 4 years to hear another one

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