LG and HERE Collaborates to Boost Self-Driving Cars


Electronics giants LG and digital mapping and location service providers HERE, teams up to offer new technology solution to self-driving vehicles.

LG are experts in wireless data transmission, whereas HERE, are more skilled in mapping. Therefore, the two companies plan to focus on telematics technology, whereby they will be managing the enormous amount of data generated and consumed by the self-driving cars.

HERE, a company founded by Nokia and owned by BMW, Audi, and Daimler jointly, has majored in automotive applications since the car makers owned it.

Even though Apple is developing an alternative map-reading system, self-driving cars will have to rely on real-time digital maps heavily.


The location information provided by HERE will enable LG to share the condition of the road ahead with the help of cloud. If the customized driving information given to you by cloud shows that there is traffic ahead, the car might turn and take a different route to avoid delays. Cloud alerts the car of any potential hazards in real time.

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What LG is targeting for future Autonomous cars is to upload data via their on-board sensors. The sensors on the vehicle comprise of cameras, radar, and lidar that send data to the cloud. This upload will help other vehicles to access the data through (V2X), vehicle-to-everything communication.

In the case of Tesla Company, ‘vehicle data’ is used to improve the performance of its autopilot system. But the real-time link can work better here if used.

In 2014, LG collaborated with Mercedes on automatic braking system technology; this is a combination of brake controls and sensors that help prevent or reduce rigorousness of collision. And currently, the company supplies Mercedes with batteries and other requirements. This is a clear indication that LG wants a stake in the automotive world. But first, it has to form a backbone for the car-makers to link up.