Latest Innovation For Specially Challenged People


Specially challenged people face certain difficulty during everyday life. Better technology is needed to improve those people’s lives and there are some major improvements noticeable in last decade.The Japanese company, Toyota, has created a robot made for people with disabilities. This robot is named Human Support Robot or HUS.

What is Human Support Robot (HSR)?

HSR is a Toyota-made robot for people with disabilities. This robot was in the lab for several years. However, a team from Toyota recently decided to try it in the real world. HSR robot has a size of about 1 meter, flexible telescopic body and also the arm that can be folded and extended. It aims to facilitate people with disabilities in their daily activities. The latest version of the robot is equipped with a robot sensor that can respond to QR-like code placed on some home objects. This can help HSR build a map of its operating area. The Toyota engineers designed HSR with 3 main focus. The focus is to create a compact body and lightweight in order to accommodate a variety of designs that exist in the house, must be super safe, and has an intuitive interface that is easy to use.


How does HSR Work?

HSR can perform various home activities such as opening doors and pick up items such as bottles or snacks in the kitchen. The arms and telescopes that exist in this robot can be extended and allow the robot to maintain a small footprint with a decent range in order to perform various tasks well. Arms can move slowly without the use of great strength. This robot is also easy to use as it comes with an intuitive interface that can receive voice commands. It can also be controlled by remote or expressions.

We need more innovations like this in future. Everyone has the right to enjoy life without facing physical difficulties.