Kim Kardashian lashed out at the Critics over Makeup Comments!


The Celebrity Kim

Kim Kardashian is a famous celebrity and a TV star. She is popularly known for her curves and her wealth. She is 36 years old and has two children. Kardashian had recently been criticized over her makeup on social media.

Who’s the Critic?

Kim has been facing criticism from many. A big name includes that of Jeffree Star. Jeffree is a very popular beauty blogger. Kim’s ability to ‘swatch’ is the one issue. Swatch is the testing of cosmetic samples on the arm to see how it looks on the skin.

What did Jeffree say?

Jeffree tweeted that Kim’s swatches looked like chalk. He further added that he never liked swatches. But, he would have to try those on the face for a final say. He said that the swatch didn’t look great in the first impression.

Kardashian fires back.

Kim has lashed out at her critics. She took out her frustration via a Snapchat video. She pointed out to a pimple on her chin and addressed the critics as an agent of stress. She further added that she didn’t know how to swatch before. She said that she is learning the same.

Kardashian also addressed her fans who backlashed at Jeffree. She said that Jeffree was being honest. She added that she is learning because of his remarks.

Earlier Jeffree had used some racist statements against Kim Kardashian. He later apologized for the same in a YouTube video last June. Kim thinks that the people who apologize deserve the benefit of a doubt.