Japan braces North Korea Threatens Hydrogen Bomb Test in Pacific Ocean


The country’s foreign minister has warned, North Korea would test nuclear bombs on the Pacific Ocean in an act of responding U.S President Donald Trump’s Threats of military actions.

North Korean leader Kim Jong UN made a statement that was not done before ever. By that statement, Ri Yong spoke to Reporters in New York accusing Trump of being “mental insane.”

Trump’s Tweet

Trump tweeted Friday that Kim was totally a madman. A direct statement delivered straight to camera, Kim told Trump would pay dearly for the threats and North Korea would definitely consider the seriousness exercising correspondence countermeasure in the history.

A nuclear missile is going to launch and this may be the strongest hydrogen bomb. which would be tested over the Pacific Ocean, Ri said reporters.

The country must ready itself for the sudden escalation of tensions and should be prepared for a missile launch, said by Itsunori Onodera, Japan’s defense minister. Japan has already been subject to the North Korean missile test flyovers of two in the recent weeks.

Nuclear Test

Analysts told that nuclear test involving a missile could be seemed too terrifying if something goes wrong in it. A nuclear test could pose a high risk to aircraft and shipping, even if the North declares a keep-out zone.

North Korea will add the robust verbal response to Trump’s speech with a military provocation. The U.S and Japan will be warned if they shoot down any missile that they consider threat a territory of Japan.

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