James Bond (007) is Back on Screens


Two days after shooting spectre, Daniel Craig said that he would rather commit suicide, than play as James Bond again. Well. That was 2015, and this is 2017. The Casino Royal star is back. Speaking with Stephen Colbert of the late show on US TV, Craig confirmed that he was going to reprise the role as 007 one last time. His comments brought to halt the debate that had been going on for the last two years about who was good enough to replace him. Asked directly by the Late show host whether he would deliver some “good news” to his fans, Craig replied “yes.”

He said that he had been aware of his return for two months. Adding that they had just been discussing and trying to figure out issues. “I always wanted to. I needed a break” Craig added. He, however, did not forget to state that this, indeed, was going to be his last movie playing as Lothario spy. He pointed out that he always wanted to out on a high note.

Why This Change In Mind?

Daniel Craig’s revitalized energy to replay the role as 007 was first reported in July. Which comes as a betrayal to his own words after he said he wouldn’t come back, immediately after shooting spectre. The blockbuster received millions of reviews, and Daniel, definitely overpowered by the promotions accompanying the film said he would rather “slit my wrist” than assume the 007 character in another movie.

He further confirmed that in case he did another Bond film, it would just be for the dollar. To explain his comments, the movie star said that he made those comments while he was too exhausted after shooting spectre. “Instead of saying something with style and grace, I said something really stupid” he added.

Craig is reported to have been paid $65M for the movie spectre. Therefore the unanswered question is how much was he offered for the new movie to convince him to come back. Rumor has it that he was offered $150M to play two bond films back to back. Were they to happen, Sam Mendes will be the one to do the directing. Sam Mendes, despite his success in spectre and sky fall, has declined from returning. Christopher Nolan will possibly take Sam’s spot as the director.

Final Thoughts

For a couple of years, there have been speculations about who would replace Craig. Big actors like Idris Elba, Tom Huddleston, Aiden Turner, Tom Hardy and also Gillian Anderson were all possible replacement figures. Daniel Craig replaced Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in 2006 with his debut blockbuster; Casino Royale.