Jackie Chan Wants to Show His Acting Abilities in His New Film, “The Foreigner”

jackie chan

The Chinese film legend, Jackie Chan says that he wants to show his acting side in his new movie, “The Foreigner.” On an interview with Yahoo entertainment, the action movie star says that in China he can feature in different genres like comedy and drama.

In Hollywood, as he says, the screenplays he receives are always the same; action. Talking of similar scripts, he mentioned movies like CIA from Hong Kong, Police from China and Police from Hong Kong.

Jackie says he would love to play a movie like La La Land, something different from action.

In The Foreigner, he is not out on a mission to save a kidnapped musician, or out on a romantic honeymoon or in a “love gone sour” kind of a film, however, it is entirely different from what he has been doing for the past 20 years.

In The Foreigner

Directed by Martin Campbell and partially produced by Jackie Chan himself, the star displays a level of despair that he has never shown before in his martial art movies.

The movie features Jackie, 63, playing a single parent named Quon, who as the film opens, he drops his daughter off in a London boutique to buy a dancing dress. A terrorist bomb blows the whole block and kills Quon’s daughter in the process.

Quon (Jackie Chan) sets out to find the people responsible for the bombing, but the local authorities won’t help him. He then lands his eyes on an Irish Operative, Liam Hennessy played by Pierce Brosnan, who he (Quon) believes has helpful information about the I.R.A group that claimed responsibility for the bombing.

The Foreigner displays a dramatic part of Jackie Chan that his audiences have never seen before. Jackie says that upon the reception of the Foreigner script seven years ago, he knew right then that it was overly different. It was a great chance to show his audience that he wasn’t just an action film star, he could also act.

The Armor of God star says that action movie star’s life is very short and he wants to do more like the drama legends like Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman.

The Foreigner is currently showing in cinemas.