Ismail wants to be Removed as the President Of Football Association Of Malaysia


JOHOR Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim today said that there is a scheme to oust him as the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) president.

He revealed this when he was asked about the news straight times report on Tuesday.

CEO Kevin:

The chief executive officer of FAM Kevin Ramalingam claimed a case against him. They are saying that they don’t want Kevin in the place of president. They want to remove him.

Tunku Ismail told they are many people who were dreaming about becoming the head of FAM.

Many in FAM asked the media to write all the kind of stuff that he might be fed up with the news and leave a chance whoever wants to get the head. He added that is not going to happen in this matter.

Kevin is doing a great job:

On Kevin’s status as CEO of FAM, Ismail told that he is having the pleasure position as the President of FAM.

However, Kevin is doing his job properly. He is in the right position for now. He might answer all the questions regarding on the FAM. So he can continue his job.

FAM hates the opinion of Ismail:

There are some members of the football association who don’t like Ismail’s opinion because they want to appoint in that position. Ismail told this is not a political party, it is a football association.

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