Is North Korea Going To Shoot Down US Bomber?


North Korea on Monday threatened to shoot down a United States bomber whether it was flying in its airspace or not. The North said that they interpreted a Donald Trump’s tweet as a declaration of war. However, if North Korea shot down the US B-B1 strategic bomber, they’ll have signed their death warranty.

North Korea, United States

The United States has been responding to N. Korea’s provocative missile tests by flying their planes along North Korea’s border. The long range, high-flying B – B1 lancer at times drop dummy bombs on a training range near the N. Korea’s border.

Kim Jong Un is always very infuriated by the US supersonic bombers, which at times are accompanied by Japan and South Korea fighter jets because N. Korea lacks such Airpower also to do the same.

North Korea discussed its plans to fire a missile to Guam where most of the US high-flying bombers are based. The North now plans to shoot down one of US B – B1 strategic bomber irrespective of whose airspace it’s flying in.

A South Korean media on Tuesday reported that Kim Jong Un was reshuffling North Korea’s defence, probably getting ready to execute their recent plans. However, the country’s air defence abilities make that task a daydream.

Omari Lamrani is a Stratfor’s senior military analyst, a geopolitical platform. Lamrani told business insider that “North Korea’s Air defences are pretty vast but dated.”

According to Lamrani, from the ground, North Korea’s air defence poses no threat to high-flying jets, and especially when they are flying over water.

North Korea’s Advantage over the Situation

When bombers or aircraft fly so close to protected territories, some jets will fly close and warn them that the regions they are entering are protected airspace and that they should turn around.

Despite the fact that the US, Japan, and South have powerful jets to shoot down North Korea’s aircraft before they get close enough to fire, the United States and North Korea are avoiding the war and observing a cease-fire.

North Korea, United StatesAssuming the worst in this situation, and the two reached a point of going to war, North Korea will have the advantage taking the first shot, but the price will be too heavy for the small country to pay when the US strikes back.

Based on that, according to the top military analyst, the scenario is so unlikely to happen. North Korea would not dare shoot down a US bomber. The last time the B – B1 supersonic bomber flew along the North Korea’s border, it was accompanied by other four advanced jet fighters.

North Korea’s air defence is old dated and cannot afford to conduct regular training and practices due to fuel shortages. If Kim Jong Un tried to shoot down the US jets, either the United States, Japan or South Korea is enough to destroy all of North Korea’s old planes.