iPhone X Units are Limited due to Production issues


In the year-end, the customers are going to get 20 million units of iPhone X according to the publication of Nikkei Asian Review; the availability of shopping will be very tight to hold.

Production issues:

The production got issues. iPhone X’s new True Depth camera and an emoji became popular. By this, the number of units is decreased.

Apple is manufacturing with a high rate of yield. It is very good to hear for everyone. The approximated rate of production of the IPhone X is only 10 million pieces as per month. The yield rate is regarding at the September ending.

According to a report, they believed that they have to start discussions with the other company manufacturers. It is regarding the production of particular parts. By this, it might be able to improve the output units.

A number of observers of many industries reflect this report.

Estimated units of other companies:

Take an example of Yuanta Investment Consultancy. It is estimating 45 million iPhone X can be available. It is regarding purchasing units. And the analyst of that consultancy said, Jeff Pu forecasting 36 million IPhone X will be available in the year end.

KGI Securities company limited analyst is Ming- Chi Kuo. He forecasts up to 30 million units. It is down from 35 million to 30 million due to production issues.

He also expected 3 million of units might be forwarded before launching.


IPhone X bookings will be start at 12 am on 3rd of November, 2017. You can order on the website of Apple.com.

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