iPhone X New Features


According to Apple, the iPhone X is the biggest leap forward after the original iPhone. Therefore anyone would expect to see something new and unique which is never seen before. So let’s look at some of the interesting features from new iPhone X. By the way, it is iPhone Ten, not X.

New All Screen Design

The new iPhone X has a completely new all screen display design. It hosts a 5.8-inch super retina OLED display. The new design has a cut out on the top for front camera and sensors. The display will provide the immersive experience we all love. The smartphone is also colour and dust resistant.


Face ID Recognition

Apple has introduced the most advanced face recognition system on any smartphone. It uses a dot projection technology to map your face precisely. Though Apple had a demo fail of this feature on the launch event. We hope they fix it soon. The new technology uses more than 30,000 dots to map a face.

Animated Emojis

The front camera on iPhone X captures your delicate facial movements and uses them to animate dozens of emojis. The animated emoji sounds pretty cool and I can’t wait to use that. This is going to be a life saver sometimes.

New More Powerful Chip

On the launch event, Apple introduced its new A11 Bionic chip. It is a six core CPU for the extra load of augmented reality. Also, the new chips outperform the older ones by 30%. This chips will provide far better graphics performance than the iPhone 7.

Wireless Charging

After so many years Apple has finally included the wireless charging on the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 10. It works with Apple docs enabled for wireless charging. But this wireless charging accessory won’t be shipping with your beloved iPhone X. Apple is yet to give further details on that.

These were some of best new features of the new iPhone X. Which feature did you like most?. Let us know in the comment section down below.

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