iPhone X Face ID Unlock Fail On Stage


Yesterday Apple launched 3 new phones. The iPhone8, iPhone 8+ and the iPhone X. Last night something happened on stage that Steve Jobs would have hated. It was a live fail on stage. It was hilarious for us but certainly not for Apple.

Because of the bezel less display, Apple could not put the fingerprint scanner on the new iPhone X. Therefore they added a new security feature called the face ID. It lets you open your phones lock with advanced face recognition technics. While showing the demo of how easy and natural it is to unlock your phone by face recognition something hilarious happened. The iPhone X didn’t unlock on the first try. Clearly, this new feature is not that easy and natural but Apple clearly thinks the different.

Let’s have a look at the fail.

We were already sceptical of this new face ID. Holding up your phone in front of your face every time you want to unlock is pathetic. The demo fail showed how much trouble it can cause. Though iPhone X is not shipping yet but still we didn’t expect an unfinished product from Apple. I still think that the touch ID was a better option. They could have easily placed it on the back. Near the Apple logo or even under the logo. Clearly, they didn’t want to do the same thing everyone else is doing. Trying to something radically different has its own disadvantages.

Apple even had to face consequences for this failure. The stock price of Apple dropped 0.43% after that. Also, the meme waves started coming the moment the failure happened. People are disappointed and might not choose to buy this phone and that can seriously affect the overall smartphone market of Apple.   Apple is yet to put up a statement regarding that incident. We hope they will fix the problems completely before the shipping starts.


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