iPhone users can’t type letter “I”. Here is a solution:


Some of the users of iPhones and ipad can’t type “I” letter in their devices. Thanks to glitch for the update in Apple’s IOS 11 software.

When they are trying to type the letter, their predictive text corrects it to an “A” alongside a stranger character. While it is not clear the cause of the strange character bugs but the users have shared a range of quick fixes online. Apple has recommended a temporary walk around for this bug.

Temporary fixing of bug:

For a temporary fix for next update, the users are going to the settings menu and tap the general, then the keyboard and finally tap text replacement.

Keep on touching the + button symbol than in the phrase option type “I” and in the shortcut, type a lower case “I”.

This might be the temporary fix to replace the use of letter “I” with its upper case without going through the predictive text.

A user told that the keyboard of Apple’s features a random character of ‘A’, ‘#’, ‘!’ and also following the ‘?’ symbols. The predictive text automatically replaces the “I” letter.

Update 11.1:

The new update came with IOS 11.1. It seems going to affect the messenger of iPhone and also the other apps like Twitter and Instagram. This update is brought to fix the bug and also the new emoji. It doesn’t seem to infect every device which is installed on iPhone.

The users came with several fixes. The fixes include turning off predictive text using the settings.

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