iPhone For Cops To Help In Fighting Crime


The New York Police Department has decided to ditch the Lumia mobile phones and switch to iPhone. Longer lines of cops waiting for their new tools to combat crime are being experienced outside the NYPD offices.

As the department switches from Nokia to Apple, the roll-out has kicked off in South Manhattan. Jessica Tisch, Deputy Commissioner for Information and Technology at NYPD said that they are giving out about 6,000 mobile phones daily.

The old police academy in Manhattan expects about 36,000 police officers to drop by and swap their current Lumia handsets with the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus mobile phones.

Tasks That The iPhone Will Perform

The iPhone handsets will help the police to track suspects by receiving videos and surveillance pictures. Also, the police will be able get any related criminal history of the suspect. The iPhone handsets will also help the police to fill out the summons, accidents reports, and domestic violence reports.

When a 911 call comes in, the iPhone will automatically provide the officer with the criminal history of the location from where the call will be coming from. This will include the number of 911 calls that have been from that same area in the past. Also, the phone will update the officer if there are any criminals at the location of the call.

Unlike the department radio, cops say that 911 call dispatches arrive on the mobile phone app earlier than the receiver. This helps the police to respond faster and get to the crime scene in time. Officer Christopher Clampitt said that last year, he and his colleague managed to get to a robbery scene on time, stopped it and arrested the robbers, all thanks to the 911 dispatch on the mobile app. “I feel like it is an ideal tool to have as a patrol cop,” Added officer Clampitt.

In 2014, Mayor de Blasio and Bill Bratton, former Police Commissioner ordered the release of $160 million for the purchase of smartphones for every cop, and since then, NYPD has reported a 14 percent crime drop.