New features expected from the next iPhone


The rumours about a new iPhone is everywhere. Tech enthusiasts all over the world are getting hyped up for the release of this new smartphone. Apple might do the official announcement in September and we can expect it to hit the market near the end of 2017This year we are probably going to experience the biggest design change in the history of iPhone. Apple has always been very predictable in the design segment of iPhone. This year we are going to see something totally different than iPhone 7 or any iPhone came before it.


The most exciting news so far is the infinity display. The edge to edge display looks amazing in the leaks. Samsung has already done this in their 2017 flagship Galaxy S8. Apple has to implement this technology otherwise they will be forcing themselves into a disadvantage against their biggest competitor Samsung. We are expecting to see an OLED panel in the front. There are certain advantages of having an OLED display like darker blacks and better battery life. A QHD display would have been awesome but Apple might stick with their 1080p display. Just because Apple likes to make slim phones and fitting a bigger battery is next to impossible. No matter what they choose the next iPhone display is going to rock the market.


Because of the infinity display, Samsung had to put the fingerprint sensor in the back and the home button underneath the display. We might see something very similar to that on the next iPhone. Though there are rumours about a fingerprint scanner underneath the display. It is very unlikely to happen because the technology is in its very early stages and Apple might want to do more research before implementing this technology. 


Apple might implement some new technology in the camera. We can expect a better camera this year. They can add better depth sensing ability this time. It will help to take better portrait mode way better than the old iPhone 7 and can jump into the world of augmented reality. I am really hoping to see this happen.


This year we can see wireless charging becoming real on the iPhone. Samsung is doing it for a while. If wireless charging becomes true on the next iPhone then we will not get the full metal back. The back might be partially metal or no metal at all. They can use glass like Samsung. Fast charging can be another big thing on the next iPhone. We will get a charging brick which supports USB type C and a USB C to Thunderbolt connector for connecting to the iPhone.


Yes, it is true we might get the next iPhone in more colours than usual. It’s the 10th anniversary of iPhones and we can expect something special from Apple. The product red has been a huge hit so Apple might bring more colours in the new iPhone series.

That’s all we know about the new iPhone till now. Tell us which feature did you like the most in the comment section down below.