Introducing suggestions from M, to make your Messenger look delightful and useful


An update of Messenger on 21st of this month added some more suggestions in that. M users are all over the globe. By sharing GIF’s, messenger wanted to know the quick replies of the messenger users whether the update is lovable or not, so the quick reply options are like more ‘yes’, ‘no’, or ‘I think so’.

M is making to simple the way while texting and giving response by verifying the discussion. This was added by Facebook in an updated version.


M mostly depend on Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is the intelligence exhibited by machines rather than humans, animals etc., so it will suggest the relevant actions or responses manage the conversations. Facebook is getting a chance to function effectively.


This version provides you an easy way to locate the features of Messenger like visual content, media messaging. And it also provides to share the pictures and videos quickly as to create the life go on in an easy manner.

find music

When is this going to be launched?

So this is going to be launched today to all of the Android mobile phone users and the iPhone users only in the U.S and will be continued to all the remaining countries later on.

So we all make a hope on the M suggestions to be getting successful and hope to have more in future.


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