How are the Internet, Anger And Politics Related?


A show demonstrated the role of internet in political discourse

 Politics is a sensitive issue everywhere. Every second group of people you see might be discussing the current policies and international relations. Today’s world is a modernizing one. These discussions have taken a digital form now. The Internet plays a crucial role in the current political situations. A play was performed presently to demonstrate and bring out the influence of the internet on politics.

Everyone’s after ‘The Majority’

The play was conducted at ‘National Theatre’ of London. Rob Drummond wrote the play. It was a solo play. Rob Drummond was the only performer. Even the latecomers were allowed to be a spectator of the show. The play brought fiction and reality together. It also referred the Charlottesville violence.

What was it all about?

Drummond weaved the play around a story from his own life. He beautifully demonstrated how the ‘righteous anger’ attracts people. He said that he stepped into active politics post- Scotland’s 2014 Independence Referendum. He added that anger swept in only when he went over the internet for political matters. He started getting involved in Twitter wars. He told that he tracked down an anonymous neo-Nazi. He said he even thought to reveal his real identity online.

Rob analyzed how the internet has changed the way of political feuds. He said that both the neo-Nazis and white supremacists fought online in the Charlottesville protest case.

Taunt on Trump

Drummond didn’t miss the most suitable example of internet effect on politics. Who else is a better example than American president Donald Trump! Rob compared Trump to a venting teenager. Trump is known to write controversial tweets from time to time.

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