Intel’s Latest Spectre And Meltdown Patches Are Causing Reboot Problems For Older Processors


Recently, Intel directed all Mac and PC owners using Intel processors not to download updates from either Mac App Store or Windows update; this is because the company has been experiencing reboot and instability problems as from 11th January this year.

According to The Wall Street Journal’s report, the company has been warning its consumers to hold off installing the patch. This because it may cause reboot issues in the systems using older processors.

Now that Intel has identified the cause of the problem, it is getting to the bottom of it. Hopefully, it will help find the solution and avoid the blunders. The company also promised to protect at least 90 percent of its Central Processing Units produced in the last five years. This was to take place by mid January by deployment of patches but a technical issue in the patches occurred that caused another deployment delay.

Also, Microsoft stopped the progress of Advanced Micro Devices’ (AMD’s) processors deployment. The process was stopped after realizing that some computers were not booting.

Unlike the challenges experienced in operating systems and browser patches, Central Processing Unit firmware patching is the most difficult technical element of Spectre recovery. Also, reports show that the patch is the primary cause for the computers to slow down, but that is still not clear yet. A confirmation from Intel says that new processors cause about 5 percent slowdowns, even though they did not test Haswell processors.

End User’s Solution From Intel

In summary, Intel is advising all the end users to keep off the latest processor updates for now. The company, together with its partners and other computing dealers are working hand in hand to fix the top level issues. They believe that soon they will get a solution and help avoid the faulty patches. Intel is also asking all its users to keep their computers updated and protected with all the other software releases.