Instagram wants to improve the safety of the people who uses it:


Now, Instagram has 800 million users and 500 million users daily use. Instagram is growing rapidly in this year and winner of the social media app after Facebook.

Twitter is having a problem of abuse. But Instagram has always been fairly active. Instagram is opposed to exchanging the photos.

Security updates:

Now, this Instagram is adding three more security control option. It is to improve the security of the user. The three options are controlling the comments, expanding the comment block and reporting for live videos.

Comment controls:

This feature would allow the users to share anything only to specific users. Instagram developed their DM tools to increase the usage. 85% of the people are used to share the direct messages. Instagram wants to focus on removing the people who don’t want to see the other people’s comment.

Instagram added the feature called Comment block. It is for eliminating the violent comments. It is in to improve the users of Instagram.

Complaint about live videos:

This is a new option to complain. If the users who don’t want to appear in a video, then they can report. It is during the live broadcast.

Instagram says that it would respond to any trouble. They told that they are working a team of 24 hours a day.

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