Instagram Unveils a Private Standalone Messaging App, Direct.

Instagram, Direct

If you are a passionate Instagramer, probably you are not aware of ‘Direct’, the new messaging app the company is working. The app allows you to connect to your main Instagram profile and chat directly with your friends.

About four years ago, Instagram developers, Facebook, launched a standalone messaging app, Messenger. Now almost every Facebook user uses messenger. Rumor has it that Instagram’s new direct message app is under trial.

As first reported by The Verge, testing of the Direct app is taking place in a few selected countries like Chile, Turkey, Israel, Portugal, and Uruguay. It is not clear yet if and when the company plans to have the App available globally.

So far, Facebook enjoys ownership of two major direct messaging apps worldwide, ‘Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp,’ with each recording not less than a billion users. And if Instagram’s Direct successfully goes through the test, this will be another significant milestone for Facebook owners.

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According to Hemal Shah, the product manager at Instagram, Direct app has been doing well for the last four years, even though it’s part of the main Instagram app. Now they believe it can do much better as a standalone app.

Installation of Direct app on your phone automatically removes the inbox feature from your main Instagram App. Direct comes with three features and four video and photo filters. Features include the main screen where you type your message, an inbox feature that displays your messages and a setting section. Unlike Facebook messenger, the main Instagram app opens up once you swipe Direct app to the right side.

In 2014, Facebook launched Messenger app that has been doing well since then. The app has seen several upgrades including the direct money transfer via PayPal.  Instagram is reportedly doing all that it can to make sure that Direct app is successful and operational.