Instagram is out to destroy Snapchat! More than 500 million users use Instagram daily


When Facebook acquired Instagram for a sweet $1 Billion price tag, everybody thought, Wooo! It’s gonna take a lifetime for Facebook to get an ROI. But guess what, the acquisition was nothing short of a work of genius. Mark Zuckerberg together with his friends at Facebook want, to take over the Social world, and to be honest, they sure have. The fact that Facebook even went ahead to spend yet another fortune on acquiring Whatsapp, means that the Zuckerberg-led team is not about to back down on their acquisition campaign.

But now let’s focus on Instagram. Five years down the line after its acquisition by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has evolved to a massive social hub, one that is not showing any signs of ever slowing down. From every angle of examination, Instagram has neutralized all threats that it initially faced from the likes of Snapchat, during its founding years,

As a matter of fact, in as much as Snapchat would want to keep up with Instagram in both daily and annual usage, it possibly can’t. Why? Because Instagram is now soaring on another level.

Instagram VS Snapchat, The battle of the ‘Titans’

Putting both apps on a head to head challenge, you will realize that Instagram is still several steps ahead of Snapchat. As of now, Snapchat boasts of 300million registered users from all corners of the planet, While Instagram is currently at over 800 million active users. The estimated number of registered users on Instagram has grown immensely, but this can be attributed to the fact that Facebook aided Instagram to get most of its users.

When Facebook, bought Instagram, the number of registered users was just about 12 million users, but within 18 months (after acquisition), this figure skyrocketed to 150 million. Today, the number is almost hitting the Billionth mark. The daily users on Snapchat are in excess of 173 million, which is still way behind that of Instagram, which is 500 million users, daily.