Instagram allows you to share Polls in Stories


Instagram is introducing polls in stories. Stories that let you ask a question and can see the results from your friends they vote. Followers of your profile can also include in this polling.

Customize your polling:

For example, if you are choosing a vacation to go then you may a confusion of which outfits need to be taken. So you may snap a picture and click the sticker of the poll and ask your friends. By this, you can write out your own question for asking and getting the results. You can even customize the poll choices.

After you have shared your poll, your friends can start voting. Once voting is in the process, they can see the results lead.

To see your own polling results, you need to swipe up to open the viewer’s list on your story. You can see how many views on polls and also you can see who chose the option. You can compare your votes with friends and followers.

It’s just like a story. The polling will be disappearing within 24 hours.

Make your story creative:

There are two more options. To make your story more colorful, you can choose the best alignment for text and stickers and also you can choose the color for text.

While choosing the color, you can see the eyedropper far. It allows you to select any color from your photo and apply it to your text.


And also on IOS, you can see the blue lines when you position a text on your photo. It allows you to help center or avoiding it. And when you move your text, you can even see the new guides to help you snap.

Only these updates are available in Version 17.

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